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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – we all make decisions. How important are decisions? Vitally important.  I believe our lives are the sum total of all the decisions that we make.  The power of decision-making is enormous, unfortunately; it’s a power that few have harnessed and intentionally used to chart their personal or professional path.

Here are three things you can do right now to harness the power of decision-making in life and business:

  1. Make the decision: Get off the fence, stop deciding to not decide.  Take a chance, take a risk, do something – you’ve studied and assessed the opportunity long enough.  The data has been compiled.  No more stalling, delaying and procrastinating – make a decision.
  2. Own the decision: Great decisions birth action.  You own the decision by committing to the required action that follows the decision.  Action is the difference between an idea and a decision.  You own the decision by standing with the decision and standing for the decision.
  3. Change the decision: Commitment, especially in the business world, doesn’t imply forever.  You can commit to a decision and course of action today that you change next year.  Does it mean that today’s decision was bad? No – it means that based on new, relevant information and a changing environment it was time to modify the original decision or go a totally new direction.  And by the way, if it turns out to be a “bad” decision, it’s your decision, give it a proper burial and go a different direction.

Now, I’ve gotta go make, own and change a few decisions.  How about you?