A message from our CEO: 5 Tips for Leaders in light of COVID-19

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As we continue to observe the growing impact of COVID-19, I know your world, both personally and professionally, has changed dramatically in the last few days.  If you are like most people, the very paradigm of what work looks like has shifted.  In the midst of managing your personal life during these uncertain times, as a leader of your organization and team you are also managing and supporting others as they adjust to this new normal.

We all have our own ways of adapting to changing circumstances.    Truth be told, even as I write this message I’m not completely sure what to communicate.

Quite honestly, this is one of those times when there may not be one “right” thing to say that will speak to everyone.   However, I do know that as an organizational leader you are rising to the occasion and you are taking care of others – because that is what you do.  You show up, you step up, and you lift up those around you.

As you continue to meet the needs of your team and the communities you serve, I am genuinely thinking about you and want to share a few encouraging thoughts that you may find helpful.

#1 – Pace yourself.  

This journey appears to be one that will be intense and that will last for a period that is yet to be determined. Let’s all move at a manageable pace – not just physically, but also intellectually and emotionally – our hearts and mind will need some “down time” for the long-run.

#2 – Keep your finger “on the pulse” of your team.

Uncertainty, fear, loneliness, and even anger can manifest during times like this.  Check-in with your team members.  Often times, the very people that we think are strong and have no problem handling adversity are the ones that need a smile or kind word the most.
#3 – Remember your ABC’s

When communicating with team members, Board members and consumers, remember to be Accurate, Brief and Clear / Consistent.
Accuracy – Is this statement correct?
Brevity – Is it as simple as possible?
Clarity – Does it make sense?
Consistency – How often am I communicating?  A long lapse in communication leaves room for doubt to breed.  Even if the communication is that there is no new news – share that to stay connected.

#4 – Create a dedicated ‘work space’

If you’re working from home, dedicate a space for work – even if you have to set it up and pack it away each time.  Don’t let work take over your entire home.  You need to walk away from your business and delineate your time, even if it is all being managed under the same roof for a while.

#5 – Don’t put yourself on a Leadership Island

While it is possible to demonstrate confidence in moments of uncertainty, it doesn’t mean that you have all the answers or can control the outcome.  Now is the time to engage Board members, key staff, and others in helping you make informed and inclusive decisions. We strongly encourage those in leadership positions to utilize the knowledge and varied skill-sets of their collective team members to help meet and address challenges while navigating a changing landscape.

Team TWG is thankful for all that you continue doing to serve your clients and the community as a whole.  We understand the potential impact that current events may have on your operations and your team – and we are here to support as needed.  Our team is maintaining office hours virtually, so feel free to reach out to us if needed at 803-400-1991 or drop us a line at info@weathersgroup.com.

We’re all in this together, and together we will get through this.

On behalf of Team TWG,


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