How Does Security Impact Performance?

Marsha loves her job and the clients she supports and helps through the  difficult times in their lives.  She gets along with her coworkers, has a healthy relationship with other managers, and is the ultimate team player.  Everything is perfect – or is it?  There’s one concern that’s been irritating Marsha, to the point that she’s distracted at work – security.

Marsha works on a large open campus consisting of 9 buildings with 130 staff.  Anyone can walk in Marsha’s building and walk down the hallway to her office because the receptionist is seldom at the front desk.  Employees don’t wear any type of badge so Marsha doesn’t know an employee, from a client, from a stranger who just decided to stroll through the building.  This current environment has led Marsha to recognize that feeling safe and secure at work are values that she doesn’t want to compromise and the lack of certainty regarding security is having an impact on her performance.  She feels there has to be a way to create a sense of security without constructing brick walls that separate the organization from the community.

Here are some lessons that the CEO and Board of Marsha’s organization learned once this was brought to their attention:

  1. The cost of security is far less than the cost of the alternative.
  2. When people don’t feel safe and secure they have a hard time focusing on their work.
  3. The work environment that leaders create and promote indicates how much they value their staff and clients.

The lessons above helped leaders at Marsha’s organization assess the security/safety of the work environment and immediately implement changes.

Let’s continue to learn as we grow.


NOTE:  Lessons Learned are shared as points of information to drive further conversation.  We’d love to hear your feedback.

What lessons have you learned about the impact security, or lack thereof, can have on performance?  Please share.