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Charles Weathers

Charles Weathers

At The Weathers Group, our mission is to develop leaders, strengthen organizations and improve communities. A national firm founded in 2001, we provide technical assistance, facilitate cross-sector collaboration, and design training curriculum for clients seeking to improve their performance. Our team has extensive experience supporting government agencies, foundations, corporations and community-benefit (non-profit) organizations. With more than 35 years of combined experience, we bring a fresh perspective to navigating organizational and community challenges for a wide array of clients.

Experience the Difference:

  • Enhanced decision-making effectiveness
  • Improved board recruitment and commitment
  • Increased sustainability and impact
  • Cultivation of mission-driven leadership
  • Greater awareness of organizational culture
  • Engaged buy-in from stakeholders

Meet our Amazing Team

CharlesCharles C. Weathers, Sr. – Founder, CEO
As the founder of The Weathers Group, Charles Weathers captivates audiences with contagious energy, insight and humor. A recognized authority on leadership and organizational effectiveness, he has become known for his strategic intellect and skillful facilitation style.


Anita M. Garrett – Chief Strategy Officer
A business veteran and social entrepreneur, Anita oversees operations, marketing and project development. Her work with clients has enhanced program effectiveness, developed policies and facilitated public/private partnerships.


TeamAssociates & Coaches
Our firm’s strength relies heavily on our professional diversity. TWG Associates and Executive Coaches are highly skilled and a critical component of our success. We have experience in a wide range of professional arenas and are inspired by the shared vision of your success.

Our team works directly with clients nationwide across multiple disciplines. And we’re committed to their professional growth, providing ongoing training and mentoring. Interested in a path that will let you develop expertise and establish yourself as a leader? Then contact us.